Congratulatory address of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the National Unity Day

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Submitted by Администратор on Sunday, June 26, 2022 - 8:00pm

Dear compatriots!

In the history of every people and nation, events are recorded that, as the fruit of the mind and wisdom of these people, are of great and tremendous importance for the strength of the state and serve future generations as a torch illuminating the path.

The achievement of peace and stability and the establishment of national unity for the Tajik people are such historical events, and today the 25th anniversary of National Unity Day is widely celebrated in our beloved country.

On this occasion, I sincerely and warmly congratulate all of you, all dear Tajikistan and foreign compatriots.

In the early nineties of the last century, in the aftermath of the intrigues of the traitors of the Tajik people and the enemies of the Tajik state, the people of independent Tajikistan were plunged into the maelstrom of an imposed civil war, as a result of which all spheres of society and the state faced a tragic crisis.

The biggest danger that arose in those difficult times was the threat of the collapse of the Tajik nation and the disappearance of the young Tajik state from the political map of the world.

Such a difficult and dangerous situation forced the faithful, patriotic and vigilant sons and daughters of the nation to take serious steps to prevent this dangerous process and, above all, to convene a session of the Supreme Council - the only competent body of that time.

At the sixteenth historical session of the Supreme Council, from the date of which 30 years have passed, the first fateful documents were adopted for the speedy cessation of war and bloodshed, the restoration of constitutional power and the functioning of paralyzed state structures, the return of refugees to their homeland and other important decisions aimed at saving the nation and state.

In this way, we have taken the first steps towards national understanding and consensus and created a favorable basis for ensuring national unity.

In this regard, I emphasize that it was thanks to the adoption and implementation of the decisions of the XVI Session on the restoration of peace and stability, the establishment of the foundations of a sovereign democratic, legal, secular and social state, the laying of the bases for a free civil society, the rule of law and justice, that the necessary conditions were created for the start of implementation of social and economic development programs.

Then began the process of negotiations between the Tajiks, which lasted more than four years in different countries of the region and the world.

Long peace negotiations ended on June 27, 1997 in Moscow with the signing of a fateful document - the General Agreement on the Establishment of Peace and National Accord in Tajikistan.

In this regard, I would like to reiterate a historical fact that I have repeatedly spoken about.

The reality is that the will, aspirations, tolerance and eternal wisdom of the Tajik civilized and cultured people, creative thinking and the invincible spirit of the people of Tajikistan are the most important factors in achieving peace, political stability and national unity.

I always say these words with pride for the heroic Tajik people.

At the same time, we should never forget one important point, that peace and tranquility are the most precious blessings of our lives and their protection and preservation is considered the sacred duty of every citizen of Tajikistan.

Peace, tranquility and national unity are vital values for us, thanks to which the people of Tajikistan today work together and selflessly for the sake of the prosperity of the Motherland, the progress of the state, the implementation of strategic national goals and the well-being of every family.

Today, our people are well aware that the peaceful life of every family, the realization of the intentions and dreams of every citizen, the prosperity of the Motherland and the progress of the state are possible only if there is lasting peace and stability.

Also, observance of religious rites, which are an important part of the life of our Muslim people, can only be ensured in conditions of security, peace and political stability.

In this process, it should be remembered that the traitors and ill-wishers of our state and people - those who trampled on national and state interests and sold their faith and conscience to their foreign masters, have not yet abandoned their selfish intentions and plans.

Therefore, we must always be ready to defend peace, tranquility, political stability and national unity, and never lose political vigilance so as not to be taken by surprise.

It should be noted that the experience of Tajik peacekeeping and ensuring national unity has become not only a factor in saving the Tajik nation, but is also recognized by the world community and influential international organizations as an instructive historical lesson and a unique experience in resolving conflicts and confrontations.

The importance of peace and tranquility is growing in modern conditions, especially in recent years, when humanity is facing extremely difficult problems.

In addition to the dire consequences of global climate change, including lack of water, drought, food shortages, rising food prices around the world and the spread of infectious diseases, security challenges, such an unprecedented expansion of modern threats such as terrorism, extremism, religious radicalism, arms trafficking and drugs, cybercrime and other transnational organized crime have made human life very chaotic and unbearable.

In such sensitive conditions in the world community, that is, the growing political and economic situation in the world and the complexity of globalization processes, maintaining peace and stability in society, strengthening national unity is one of the sacred tasks of every patriotic person.

All members of society, whether old or young, should realize the vital importance of peace, tranquility, political stability and national unity and, as the apple of their eye, protect these priceless benefits along with the greatest achievement of the recent history of our beloved country - independence and freedom.

The most important task of state bodies, all representatives of the intelligentsia, scientists, writers and media workers, parents, the word of society as a whole is to educate the younger generation in the spirit of self-consciousness and self-knowledge, patriotism, loyalty to their people and state.

You and I must sincerely love our beautiful land, appreciate the Motherland and always express gratitude for the peace and security of the country and for national unity.

Expansion of work on creation and improvement for the sake of the prosperity of our beloved Motherland - Tajikistan, and the development of our independent state is the task of each of us - the masters of our destiny and Fatherland.

With best wishes, once again, I sincerely and warmly congratulate the glorious people of Tajikistan and our foreign compatriots on the occasion of National Unity Day.

May national unity, peace and security, abundance, happiness and prosperity always reign on the ancient Tajik land!

Be always healthy and succeed in everything, dear compatriots!