Electric power industry programs

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Electric power industry programs

In order to develop and use renewable energy sources on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan and increase the electric power supply to the population of remote and mountainous areas, increase the economic and energy efficiency of small power plants being put into operation and create conditions for the operational maintenance of existing small power plants, their repair, as well as the possible production of equipment for the MSPP in Tajikistan, The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan adopted Resolution No. 795 of December 30, 2015 on the "Program for the development of renewable energy sources and the construction of small hydroelectric power plants for 2016-2020". According to this Program, 64 small hydroelectric power plants with a total installed capacity of 5 to 10,000 kW should be built by 2020.

The ministries and departments of the republic, local and international investors, international and public organizations and individuals have been identified as potential sources for financing these facilities.

Currently, more than 285 operating small hydroelectric power plants with a capacity from 5 to 4300 kW are registered in the republic. Of this number, 16 units of small hydroelectric power plants are built and operated by Barki Tojik, i.e. they are State-owned.

The largest of them are:

"Marzich" (4300 kW) Ayni district, Sangikar Rasht district (1000 kW), Pitovkul-2 Jirgital district (1100 kW), Kuhiston Gorno-Matchinsky district (500 kW)